Hiway Productions is an Award winning boutique DJ company led by Ron Larson in Victoria serving Vancouver Island and founder Brady Hway in Lethbridge serving Southern Alberta.  

Our accomplished DJs bring years of experience to mix live, and not just "press play," making each event a dynamic and interactive experience. From adjusting to your theme and dress code to creating the perfect mix to fit your funkiness and your guest list we strive to customize every detail. We love your"offbeat" requests and quirky ideas because we want to ensure that all music perfectly complements your unique vision.

Our award winning DJs want to get to know you and your crowd to intelligently choose the right songs for the right moment. to help maximize the overall energy level for your event.
We're DJs who know that music is about the context in which it is played. We know all about the goosebumps when the right song is played at the right time . For us it’s about planning and creatively executing the music into a seamless soundtrack of awesomeness!

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